Great War 1914-1918 WWI

Commemorative Gold Plated Coin

Diameter: 40mm
Depth: 3mm
Weight: 30grams
Plating: Gold
Coin Capsule: Included

Please Note.

This sale is for one coin only. The front and back of the same coin is shown in the pictures.

This is a Gold Plated coin. It is not solid gold

Item Number:   MPC/ComCoin/006

Price 8.99 including FREE p&p


After Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on Sunday 28 June 1914, nearly every corner of the globe was drawn into conflict  and the enormous loss of life that ensued was tragic. There were so many participants in the conflict that you couldn't just name the war after its location or its combatants,  after all this was a global conflict with so many nations involved. So the people of the time called it simply, "The Great War" or "The War to End All Wars."

As history has shown this was certainly NOT the case.



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