A 1963 Elizabeth II REPLICA gold plated Full Sovereign Coin. PROOF quality. As stated, this is a replica (copy) of the original coin.
 It is designed as a collectable item and has no financial exchange rate value.
The value of the coin is in its desirability and collectability.
These coins have been produced to a very high standard and provide a very good representation of the original coins.
The coin is gold plated. Not solid gold.
The coin is supplied in a protective plastic coin pouch.
This sale is for one replica
1963 Elizabeth II Sovereign coin.
Diameter =
mm.     Thickness = 2mm.     Weight = 5g     Dimensions and weight are approximate but very close.

Item Number:   MPC/Sovereign 023

Price from 8.99 including FREE p&p

Please Note

These are the PROOF quality coins.

These coins have a highly polished finish and should not be handled with bare hands. I used cotton gloves whilst photographing the coins.

The coins should not be polished in any way. Any surface dust should be blown off with a hairdryer or similar. They Will Scratch easily.

It is advisable to display them in their original coin capsules in order to keep them dust and scratch free.



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